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How To Find Deleted Twitter Accounts

How to find deleted Twitter accounts is a common question among users, and there are a few simple steps that you can follow. We’ll share a simple yet effective method to uncover those hidden usernames and profiles, whether you’re searching for an old friend, a lost connection, or simply curious about someone’s digital presence. In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to find deleted Twitter accounts, regardless of the reason for their deletion.

So, let’s dive right in and discover the secrets of tracking down deleted Twitter accounts!

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Methods to Find Deleted Twitter Accounts

If you’re trying to find a deleted Twitter account, you may think it’s a daunting task. However, there are several methods that can help you in this process. In this article, we will explore various techniques and strategies to assist you in locating deleted Twitter accounts. Whether you are searching for a personal account or trying to retrieve important information from a deleted account, these methods will help you in your search.

1. Using the Wayback Machine

The Wayback Machine is a valuable resource for accessing archived web pages. To utilize this tool, you first need to visit the Wayback Machine website. Once there, you can enter the URL of the deleted Twitter account and browse through the archived pages for any available account information. The Wayback Machine captures snapshots of websites over time, so there is a possibility that it may have archived the deleted account’s content.

How To Find Deleted Twitter Accounts

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2. Search Engine Cached Pages

Another method to find deleted Twitter accounts is by utilizing search engine cached pages. Start by performing a search on a search engine using relevant keywords related to the deleted account. In the search results, you may find links to cached pages. Click on these links to access cached versions of the deleted account’s content. These cached pages can provide you with valuable information about the deleted account, such as tweets, followers, and bio details.

3. Archived Tweets from Others

In some cases, deleted Twitter accounts may have their tweets retweeted or quoted by other users. You can search for these retweets or quotes to gather information about the deleted account. Additionally, look for screenshots or saved conversations from the followers of the deleted account. These can provide further insights into the content and interactions of the deleted account.

How To Find Deleted Twitter Accounts

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4. Using Google Advanced Search

Google Advanced Search can be a powerful tool when searching for deleted Twitter accounts. Access the Google Advanced Search interface and enter relevant details about the deleted account, such as the username, full name, or any specific keywords associated with the account. Analyze the search results to see if you find any information related to the deleted account. This method can help you uncover traces of the deleted account that may have been mentioned elsewhere on the internet.

5. Social Media Archiving Services

Several social media archiving services exist to capture and store social media content, including Twitter. Explore these services and their search functionality to find deleted Twitter accounts. These services may have archived content, including tweets, profile information, and follower lists.

How To Find Deleted Twitter Accounts

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6. Contacting Twitter Support for Assistance

If you have exhausted all other methods and are still unable to find the deleted Twitter account, it may be helpful to contact Twitter support for assistance. Navigate to the Twitter Help Center and submit a request for assistance with locating the deleted account. Provide any relevant information that may help Twitter support their investigation, such as the username, full name, or any identifying details associated with the account. Twitter support may be able to provide you with additional guidance on finding the deleted account.

7. Recovering Through Linked Third-Party Apps

Sometimes users may have connected their Twitter accounts to third-party apps or services. Check if the deleted user had any linked third-party apps and explore the possibilities for account recovery through these apps. Some apps may have stored copies of the user’s tweets, followers, or other account information.

8. Looking for Clues on Social Networks

Deleted Twitter account users may create new accounts on other social networks. Search for possible indications of a new account using the same username or variations of it on other social networks. Additionally, examine the online activity of usernames related to the deleted account. It is possible that the user may have moved to a different platform and can be found under a different username.

FAQ for “How To Find Deleted Twitter Accounts”

Q: Can you see someone’s deleted tweets?

A: No, you cannot see someone’s deleted tweets. Once a tweet is deleted, it is gone forever.

Q: How long does Twitter keep deleted accounts?

A: Twitter keeps deleted accounts for 30 days. After 30 days, the account is permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

Q: How do I find a suspended Twitter account?

A: Suspended Twitter accounts are not publicly accessible. However, you can try searching for the account’s username on Google or other search engines. If the account was suspended recently, it may still show up in search results.

Q: How to find old tweets?

A: There are a few ways to find old tweets:

  • You can use the Twitter search bar to search for keywords or phrases that you remember from the tweet.
  • You can use a third-party tool such as Twitter Advanced Search or Wayback Machine to search for old tweets.

Q: What happens with tweets on a deleted account?

A: When a Twitter account is deleted, all of the tweets associated with the account are also deleted.

Q: Do deleted tweets stay deleted?

A: Yes, deleted tweets stay deleted. There is no way to recover deleted tweets.

Q: Are Twitter accounts deleted if not used?

A: No, Twitter accounts are not deleted if not used. However, Twitter may suspend accounts that have been inactive for more than six months.

Q: Can a deleted Twitter account be recovered?

A: Yes, a deleted Twitter account can be recovered within 30 days of deletion. To recover a deleted Twitter account, go to the Twitter log in page and enter your username and password. If your account has been deleted within the past 30 days, you will be given the option to recover it.

Q: How many Twitter users have deleted their accounts?

A: Twitter does not release information on how many users have deleted their accounts. However, it is estimated that millions of Twitter accounts are deleted each year.

Q: Does uninstalling Twitter delete your account?

A: No, uninstalling Twitter does not delete your account. To delete your Twitter account, you must go to the Twitter settings page and click on the “Delete account” button.

Q: Does deleting a Twitter account delete likes?

A: Yes, deleting your Twitter account will delete all of your likes.


Finding deleted Twitter accounts can be a challenging task, but with the methods mentioned in this article, you can increase your chances of success. Using resources like the Wayback Machine, search engine cached pages, archived tweets, and social media archiving services, you can gather information about the deleted account. Additionally, contacting Twitter support, exploring linked third-party apps, and searching for clues on other social networks can provide further leads. Keep in mind that the process may require some effort and patience, but it is possible to find deleted Twitter accounts with the right methods and determination.

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